Chota Char Dham Yatra

In Uttarakhand, most people come from all over India to fulfill a dream perhaps cultivated for years with the pilgrimage to the sources of two rivers and the most sacred temples of Shiva and Vishnu closer to heaven. The journey to faith is the form more widespread tourism in India. Yatra is the journey towards a goal sacred abode of the gods (dham). We go in pilgrimage to recharge your spiritual batteries , to find serenity and attain liberation. The more strenuous and difficult road to the divine source, the most reliable results.

Konark Temple: Beautiful as the Sun

Surya Deva rides in the sky in a chariot pulled by horses carrying the earth energy and sunlight. Surya, the sun, is the head of the Navagraha, the nine planets of us as per Hindu astrology. It is invoked with the suryanamaskar by practitioners of yoga. God was already venerated in the years of the composition of the Vedas (1500 BC) and it will find numerous festivals such as Makar Sankranti and in temples.

Most Beautiful Lakes in India

Do you like the waters but not the beaches? For lovers of fishing, the quiet boat rides, lovers of flowers, those who wish to closely observe the rich variety of birds that live or pass by India and to those who simply want to spend a few days of tranquility away from the city, we dedicate the post with five lakes to choose from the destinations to find what you're looking for.

Emotions of the Starry Skies of India

I like to admire the spectacle of the sun, moon and stars. Always the same yet always wonderfully unique. I confess to having seen more sunrises and sunsets that I don't remember them all. Some are etched in the photo album and memory for many years that does not fade. I will tell you what are the places of the dawn, the sunset, the stars and the moon the most magical India to me, of course, but I'm sure surely will thrill travelers a bit romantic chasing stars and rays of light.

Tips for Your Trip to India

A trip to India is never a mere number of trips, visits, nights in hotel, breakfasts, lunches and dinners. India requires will, effort and sometimes rewards with deep emotions and special meetings, with bright colors and gorgeous photos more indelible in the heart and in memory of the camera. It seems that the country will weigh, assess your level of acceptance and openness to the unexpected and new, reduce the pounds of your prejudices and then you repay with coin of equal value. Every so often makes the jokes, makes you find just what you feared. Often it gives you treasures. India is an amplifier of your emotions and fears, for better or for worse.

Buddha Express

2500 years ago in the city of Lumbini was born a prince called Siddhartha but never became king because the need to understand the mystery of life and the sense of pain took him physically away from home on the path of spiritual quest until one day, under a huge tree in Bihar, attained enlightenment. Since then the enlightened Buddha went on pilgrimage to share the truth he had made, and his teachings are still living today.
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