Indian Food Guide

The spices are part of Indian cuisine. You cannot help it, if the Indian food is spicy. Who does not love the spices and spicy food probably will not get you fat on a trip to India but you cannot even die of hunger. Think about it? The flavor of the spices or spicy chili? It often tends to say spicy food but think of the spices.

Haridwar Rishikesh Tour along the Ganges

From the center of modern India with its ancient heart, journey to discover the age old Indian spirituality and culture that is renewed on the banks of the sacred Ganges. A path in the Himalayan foothills to breathe the harmony between mind, body and nature up to reach the Queen of Hill Station, once frequented by the British Raj in the escape from the heat of the plains.

From Chandigarh to Kullu Manali

As the summer progresses, the temperature and humidity rises in the plains of India and the thought of leaving for Himachal Pradesh is refreshing. The tour starts from Delhi, the first stop is the modern city of Chandigarh in Punjab and then climb into Manali, the queen of the hills in the Himalayas.
Along the way you pass through flowering valleys, and you can admire the Himalayan giants in the background and everyone finds what is looking for a relaxing day to the sound of water in rivers, hot springs, bazaar and crafts, sports and adventure, trekking for all levels of experience and preparation, idyllic settings where indulge in romance and villages still in time to discover another world.

A Journey through Water, Coconut and Smiles

Holiday, leave home concerns and commitments and leave. Travel and discover lighter, marvel at the beauty that opens around, share smiles with people who may never meet again. Kerala is a treasure trove of micro-travel full of sweetness and splendor. A few kilometers to a succession of corners landscaped by magic where water is everywhere, and punctuates the life rhythms of people from the easy smile.

The Most Spectacular Waterfalls in India

In India the hot summer season is approaching and thus become a strong desire to find places refreshing. If there are hundreds of them, but now I keep thinking about three waterfalls where I was, where a piece of my heart remained, and where would I be now if I had acquired the power of teleportation through sadhana, or spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

Tips for Travelling in India‎

A small break makes me think about how it feels to be traveling in India. And here's this post, where we do not speak of everything, as we focus on the axioms of the journey, those basic points for all but its travelers without agency behind, namely sleep, eat and drink, move, and go shopping.

One Day in Bangalore

Bangalore usually is not a tourist destination, but a stage logistics of passage. Bangalore, Bengaluru today, is a modern cosmopolitan city with shopping centers, a major center of IT and with traffic almost always infernal (now with the new Subway things are improving).